Friday, July 30, 2010

Steppin' to the 9's

Here is a photo of my DGD-Kayona with her new quilt. I started to follow the pattern and then we changed it to be Kayona's 9-patch. When I finished sewing on the binding she wrapped herself up in it and fell asleep at sewing. Then she used in on the way home as the A/C was blowing on her.
Well it is still hot here in northern Nevada. Had quite the light show the other night, even woke up my mom when the thunder rumbled over head. Even DH called out if I heard it. The lighting lit up the sky and this was almost 9 PM.
Our swallow nest was empty for the day as 3 little birds took their 1st flight today, but have returned for a good night sleep. After they left the nest they stayed on the ground for a while taking little hops and flapping their wings---then they were off and flying around with mom and dad following them.

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Susan said...

Love that quilt, and what an adorable granddaughter. I too was the middle of 5 generations, until my grandmother passed away at the age of 100 two years ago. It was beautiful to see her hold my grandchildren in her arms. What a blessing!