Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Spring was here for such a short time people are saying they wish the snow was back---then they say just so that it will cool off. I am looking forward to fall but it will last a short time as our spring. We have had our problems with the swamp cooler not working to it fullest as it has 2 panels and only one was working at 1/2 of the pad. Then it got so hot the back lawn has started to burn and then they have us only watering 3 days a week---I do it about 5 nights a week and the house next door has the water running 3 times a day for very short times everyday. Why do we pick houses that water more than necessary. The other house we have here in Elko that my son and family are living in has had quite a bit of water in the laundry room which is in the basement---repairs are being made today. Then we are having a new dishwasher installed as my mom is getting tired of drying the dishes after we run the dishwasher. Hope the new one is as quiet. Have had DGD-Kayona here for almost 2 weeks, she goes home on Friday. She goes with us to our sewing group and asked if I would make her a quilt. So I had her pick a bunch of fabrics and cut 2 1/2-inch squares and have made a lap size for her----still needs the binding and label so will post photo when done. The LWC-Fair quilt brought in $1,938.00 before expenses---WOW is all I can say---took 2 drawings of tickets as the 1st one we couldn't get a hold of the person, so we drew again.

Well the day is getting hot and need to get a few things done before I start to melt.

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