Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Taking it easy this week

Yes I decided to take it easy for a few days and let the sewing machine have a break. After doing the 2 quilts with the Hawaiian dresses and this little wall hanging. Now this "Little" wall hanging came about because my mom's cousin was over and saw the one I made my mom and thought it was cute. So I was asked if I still had the pattern, which I did and asked my mom if she would like me to make one for her---so I did. This had some tiny-tiny pieces to it and after I finished it saw I pulled a seam out on one of the pieces---but you have to really look close for it. I used the border fabric for another quilt and just love the colors in it, so it was easy to pull colors to go with it. Now the cat was from some scraps that I found with help at the club house sewing day last week---I don't normally have browns in my stash. Next project is for the Homeboree Party over on the Quilt Pocket. You see I had planned to go to Renton, Washington, in 2 days, but with DH getting sick knocked the wind out of that sail. But I get to go to my DGS T-ball game on Saturday.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I have been busy

I can't believe I let so much time pass since writing here. But I have been busy. Just after the last post I got a call that DS#1's friend's mom was coming for a visit in April---she has arrived as of yesterday. Well DS gave me his DD's dresses that were given to them from this friend's mom who lives in Hawaii and yes they are baby Hawaiian dresses. DS gave them to me a year ago and I said I would make something from them. I hunted for something to do and they got put away until about a month ago when he said she was coming. We had planned to go to Las Vegas for DGD's birthday but DH was sick the weekend before and spent 3 nights in the hospital---doing fine now just had to get his sugar numbers in order. Anyway I got busy making these 2 wall hangings. I was given 8 dresses and found these two patterns on www.fatcatpatterns.com . The centers are just the shapes of the butterflies or angels since only having the 8 dresses. They are quilted/applique stitched by the block and then I sewed then together. The butterflies have just a single strip of green and then I used fancy stitches from my sewing machine to hold it down on each side. The angels I used the Cotton Theory (not sure if this is right as I borrowed a book from a friend) where I added the green---what looks like sashing---to each side of the block and then it is stitched down the middle and both sides of the green. Kind of clipped some angel wings as I didn't know I needed to make my blocks larger. Plus I have been working on projects for the LWC-sewing group each Thursday.