Saturday, July 4, 2009

It's Been a While

Yes it has been a while since last posting but been busy here and there. Had two Gkids graduate from Pre-School, one here in Elko and one in Las Vegas. The sewing group has been working on aprons, kool-ties, flags and our own projects. Photos of items made will be in another post. The LWC just put on the Country Fair last weekend and boy is that a lot of work. Anyway have had DS and DGD up from Las Vegas for 2 weeks. Now I am getting items made up for the Art in the Park this next weekend (2-days).

Well I have been taking DH to garage sales on the last few Saturdays and bought a few items here and there. Best find was 10 yards of fabric for $1.00, up until today the 1st one we went to said craft stuff. Well as I wandered around their tables I saw a Singer Treadle sewing machine. Be still my heart as I have been looking into getting one and thought one was just going to have to fall in my lap----so to speak. Well I caught one today. From it's number it was made about 1909 to 1910, it has some scraps offs of the decal on the flat area but that just looks like it has been used a lot. It has a bunch of extra feet in a drawer and the cabinet has a bit of damage----looks like they had a plant on one corner. Well my feet have finally come back to earth ---- just can't wait to stitch up a quilt top on it.
Then the other thing I have been working on the last few days has been Watermelon Pickles. Getting the treadle was as big of thrill but to hear those 6 pints lids ping as I took them out of the canner---that was exciting also. It took over an hour to get that kettle to boil today---I think it has to do with the high altitude as it takes awhile to boil water for pasta.