Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finished Quilt

It seems as soon as I get one quilt quilted I have added to the tops lists with at least one or two more. Yes I completed my Scrappy Trails quilt from the Cabin Fever Retreat this pass March, but I have also finished another quilt top---well it is waiting for borders.

This retreat was put on by the Silver Sage Quilt Guild. They have decided to shut down their guild after 17 years. Well they had a lot of $$$ to spend and made it possible for quilters from all over to attend at a very reasonable price. Saw the play Quilts that was done back in 1992 I think---was very cute. We had wonderful food from the Cafe X at the Great Basin College. We also had a performance at the museum. I met new friends at the retreat and am still meeting with them. This retreat was different from others I have been to because it was not just sewing on the mystery quilt.

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Happy Birthday

This was one of the gifts I opened today. They are FQs from my Internet Group The Quilt Pocket (TQP). One lady is the hostess and we are given a list of 18 and their wishes of FQs. We send them all to the hostess and she shuffles them around to the right people and holds them until it is close to our birthdays and mails them back out to us. My choice this year was for Christmas red and greens as I would like to make a quilt for the living room---my couch is green, red, tan and a bit of blue. I haven't picked a pattern as of yet. I will need to add a few more greens I think.

So far it has been a good day---I had 2 GKids sing to me as soon as I open my eyes and had the present open shortly after I came down the stairs. As I told someone they are more excited about my birthday than me. Well it is one of those birthdays that you can't turn the numbers around to say you are younger---it is the same no mater which number is in front. We will be going to dinner somewhere as with two kids need to find someplace kid friendly and not a drive through.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Frost on the Pumpkin

Yes this morning if I had pumpkins growing in my yard there would be frost on them. When I let the dog out a little after 5 AM it was 21* out there. We were to get some snow last night but it didn't arrive as of yet, maybe some today. Last weekend the Ruby Mountains got a dusting of snow.

This is a picture I took about 5 days ago and it is about 25 miles to the mountains up at Lamoille Canyon. The Aspen trees are turning yellow to gold this time of year, very beautiful. Soon they will close the road going up the hill.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Service Banner

Well it has been a week since I last posted---but I have been stitchin, yes I just finished making a Service Banner for a friend---his son
is in the military and I don't know if he has gone overseas as of yet. I had tried to print the write up of the Service Banner on muslin for 2 other banners I had made and the fabric wants to wiggle in the printer so on this one I left the top of the back label open like a pocket and typed on photo paper---it is heavier than the printer paper---and tucked it in. All I need to add is a dowel and want to make a gold cord to hang it up by.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I am a member

Yesterday was my initiation to the Lamoille Women's Club, it is a member of the General Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC), along with 2 other ladies. We had a delightful lunch, the Access Air ambulance people came and gave their speech for new membership should we need a helicopter ride to the hospital. I will get my name tag next month. They have things going on every month with this month a booth at the Lamoille Harvest Festival, next month they have a Chili Feed/Craft show----I never knew these things went on. They have the Ruby Views News each month and there is a whole column about me being a new member. Our group is 90 years old this next year and we are planning a party in the spring.