Monday, October 13, 2008

A Happy Birthday

This was one of the gifts I opened today. They are FQs from my Internet Group The Quilt Pocket (TQP). One lady is the hostess and we are given a list of 18 and their wishes of FQs. We send them all to the hostess and she shuffles them around to the right people and holds them until it is close to our birthdays and mails them back out to us. My choice this year was for Christmas red and greens as I would like to make a quilt for the living room---my couch is green, red, tan and a bit of blue. I haven't picked a pattern as of yet. I will need to add a few more greens I think.

So far it has been a good day---I had 2 GKids sing to me as soon as I open my eyes and had the present open shortly after I came down the stairs. As I told someone they are more excited about my birthday than me. Well it is one of those birthdays that you can't turn the numbers around to say you are younger---it is the same no mater which number is in front. We will be going to dinner somewhere as with two kids need to find someplace kid friendly and not a drive through.

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Anonymous said...

Sending rather belated birthday wishes to you.