Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Friend two Friend

A few weeks ago my Internet group, TQP, had a Homeboree Party as some were at the Jamboree up in Washington, anyway we had a quilting project offered to us. We could make any size we wanted from a small wall hanging, crib size or for a full size for a bed. I made the crib size. I used flannel for the front and back without batting as it has gone to Las Vegas for a friend's daughter's baby. As it is called Friend 2 Friend. It was designed by Liz, one of the members of our group. We also played games like Scavenger hunt where there was a sentence and we had to figure the name of the block, then we had make up a paragraph with as many quilt block names included, some posted recipes, and list our UFOs and how long they have been UFOs. Well I won for having the oldest UFO, which is my GFG that I started back in the early '70's. Those that signed up for the party received a quilt pattern book that was donated from ???? can't think of the company right now, and Sharen from Florida made book markers and cute crazy patch pins. I won the pattern called "Moose on the Loose" from Pat (?) and her mom's store B & B Creations----very cute.