Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall up in the Canyon

My son called and said how beautiful the canyon was as they were up there having Senior pictures taken. So my mom and I drove up there---it is about 25 miles from home. I had taken my mom up back in July and they were doing road work but my mom said it was so pretty them---I told her to wait until the fall. Yes there are so many colors of green, yellow, some red and snow way up at the top of the mountains. I don't know how high up we were but I was a bit light headed walking around. At least the road work is done for this year---they had a few slides back in June when we got some rain and it melted the snow. Water and debris came down the creeks and flooded some of the town of Lamoille just before the Fair the last Sunday of June.
On a sewing note I have made a baby quilt for one of the sewing ladies new grandson, a baby top for my new granddaughter to arrive in December, a JoAnn's block of the month from last year and a purple Quick Quarter Quilt twin top. I need to really get some of these tops quilted after I get the new fair quilt top made and go away for a quilting retreat this next weekend in Weaverville, CA, both of the last two are already cut and set to sew up.

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