Thursday, February 26, 2009

Two out of 19 done

Yes since the contest the end of January, that a LQS had for the most unquilted tops---I didn't win, I have quilted 2 of my quilts. The black and white is from a BOM back in 2005. We were to pick a color and then use 4 hues of that color. My mom had just finished making a black and white quilt from a retreat and suggested I try those colors. It is quilted with a verigated red and black thread.

The Flower Trellis is from one of the ladies in my sewing group. She saw a quilt a few years back and when she got home she wrote up her own directions. So when I started with the sewing group some of them were just getting started on theirs --- so I had some 8-inch fabric squares from a swap from about 2 years ago that I used some of them and added some from fabric I had. The white is from fabric that I had asked for on my Christmas list in 2007. The only thing I bought for it was the border and thread to use on the top.

I have 2 more lined up to quilt in the next few weeks. I load the quilt on the LA and then have to wait a day to get my nerve up to start quilting. The flower Trellis was the 1st quilt that had no problems in the quilting.

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Valerie said...

What can I say? These are just beautiful!