Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Challenge done

I was given a challenge back in December '07, to make a quilted project in reds only---why red, well that is the color of the crayon I picked. I could use any hue of red. The only thing we could add was black and white. So it took about a month to decide what to make and one of the first things that came to mine was Red Work. Well this internet group I belong to has wonderful people and I was sent an assortment of patterns from Maggie in Maine. I used the one called Soap Suds Derby. Another lady, Estee from Wisconsin showed a picture with red work and log cabins and so I made a smaller version of it. I also received a piece of fabric from Jenny in Australia---she passed away in April of this year, which makes that piece very special. We will show our creations at a lunch in December, and get our new challenge for the next year.


Kay said...

You could make this your label for the quilt. You told the history and made it interesting.

btw-- GOOD JOB on the blogging!! You are in my Google Reader now.

Yvonne said...

ooh, Joyce, it's lovely!