Monday, September 29, 2008

Billing Questions

I just had to call my phone company for a problem on my bill that came today. With all the automated stuff you have to listen to to make sure you don't get transferred to another person and hope you don't get cut off----yes has happened many times. Well as I spoke to Bonnie, very nice English and polite, I could hear many voices in the background. I mentioned it to her and she said 400+ people in her office. I said all on one floor and she said yes----WOW. Then I asked where she was and she replied Florida, I said at least she was still in the US, and then she took care of my billing problem.

I can remember back when we owned the liquor store, I had to call in some orders. Most of the time I spoke to a person right away and then there were a few companies that had automated systems. It would be press this number, then listen to the menu and press this number and so on. Now we can't phone any business with out the menu to listen to----have you ever just not pressed a number and waited for the operator of the business? I found sometimes it worked better.

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Valerie said...

I hate this too. It is so nice when you get a real person. I was on the phone with our telephone company the other day for over 45 minutes. Most of that time was on hold listening to recordings. The problem was fixed in less than a minute, once I got a human being.