Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Has Time Flown By

Yes the last time I wrote it was way back in the Fall. I have been busy with this or that. If I can remember all that I have done. I know the most important thing was DGD-Zoey was born in December. We finished our Round Robins and had a nice party to show them all off. I have also made a Fair Quilt (on the right) for this years Lamoille Country Fair the end of the this month, I have quilted a few quilts on my long arm-some for me and a couple for my mom, the LWC-Lamoille Woman's Club-sewing group made 37 adult cover ups (large bibs), we have also been working on cool ties for the troops over seas. We Made the Chair Quilt for Bright Path (adult day-care) for their Sitting Pretty Auction---it was auctioned for $75.

I should have more to say but like I said I have been busy---selling tickets for the quilt, working with the CIP for the LWC, doing all the driving for DH and my mom, chasing after the cat when he gets out and today I fertilized the front and back lawns---we have over a 1/4 acre and probably did some of the golf course lawn also.

Well that is all I can think of right now.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall up in the Canyon

My son called and said how beautiful the canyon was as they were up there having Senior pictures taken. So my mom and I drove up there---it is about 25 miles from home. I had taken my mom up back in July and they were doing road work but my mom said it was so pretty them---I told her to wait until the fall. Yes there are so many colors of green, yellow, some red and snow way up at the top of the mountains. I don't know how high up we were but I was a bit light headed walking around. At least the road work is done for this year---they had a few slides back in June when we got some rain and it melted the snow. Water and debris came down the creeks and flooded some of the town of Lamoille just before the Fair the last Sunday of June.
On a sewing note I have made a baby quilt for one of the sewing ladies new grandson, a baby top for my new granddaughter to arrive in December, a JoAnn's block of the month from last year and a purple Quick Quarter Quilt twin top. I need to really get some of these tops quilted after I get the new fair quilt top made and go away for a quilting retreat this next weekend in Weaverville, CA, both of the last two are already cut and set to sew up.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Steppin' to the 9's

Here is a photo of my DGD-Kayona with her new quilt. I started to follow the pattern and then we changed it to be Kayona's 9-patch. When I finished sewing on the binding she wrapped herself up in it and fell asleep at sewing. Then she used in on the way home as the A/C was blowing on her.
Well it is still hot here in northern Nevada. Had quite the light show the other night, even woke up my mom when the thunder rumbled over head. Even DH called out if I heard it. The lighting lit up the sky and this was almost 9 PM.
Our swallow nest was empty for the day as 3 little birds took their 1st flight today, but have returned for a good night sleep. After they left the nest they stayed on the ground for a while taking little hops and flapping their wings---then they were off and flying around with mom and dad following them.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Spring was here for such a short time people are saying they wish the snow was back---then they say just so that it will cool off. I am looking forward to fall but it will last a short time as our spring. We have had our problems with the swamp cooler not working to it fullest as it has 2 panels and only one was working at 1/2 of the pad. Then it got so hot the back lawn has started to burn and then they have us only watering 3 days a week---I do it about 5 nights a week and the house next door has the water running 3 times a day for very short times everyday. Why do we pick houses that water more than necessary. The other house we have here in Elko that my son and family are living in has had quite a bit of water in the laundry room which is in the basement---repairs are being made today. Then we are having a new dishwasher installed as my mom is getting tired of drying the dishes after we run the dishwasher. Hope the new one is as quiet. Have had DGD-Kayona here for almost 2 weeks, she goes home on Friday. She goes with us to our sewing group and asked if I would make her a quilt. So I had her pick a bunch of fabrics and cut 2 1/2-inch squares and have made a lap size for her----still needs the binding and label so will post photo when done. The LWC-Fair quilt brought in $1,938.00 before expenses---WOW is all I can say---took 2 drawings of tickets as the 1st one we couldn't get a hold of the person, so we drew again.

Well the day is getting hot and need to get a few things done before I start to melt.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Here it is the end of May

Well I have finally finished this wall hanging called American Spirit. I was given to me on Sept. 11, 2008, from a friend that I sew with at the sewing group. I embroidered the words by hand after I printed them out on the computer and window copied them on to the fabric. I have had it sewn together for 6 to 7 months and bought some fabric at a garage sale almost a year ago, think I got like 21 yards of fabric for $2.00---it was 4 large pieces---great for backings. Well I loaded it on the long arm and waited a few days to quilt it. Thought I was putting the backing on the machine right way up and wasn't till I was sewing the binding on I realized it was upside down---as it has words on the backing----no I didn't take the quilting out. Thought it was fitting to have finished it today---Memorial Day. I have been also hand quilting a table runner that is almost done. So that is 2 UFOs completed in a sort of short time. I was in a spring flower block swap and planning to work on it next.
We haven't seen very much spring here in Northern Nevada, as we had snow last week. We are lucky to get 2 days of sun and then the clouds come back. Yes every time I plant something the next day it snows, rains like a sun-of-a-gun or is so glumly. I did pull a few weeds yesterday and this morning---but there is more out there.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Computers are confusing

Where is my son when I need him---well he is in Las Vegas---but I figured it out.
I have spent the weekend sewing which I haven't done for awhile. I think we are all moved in, still need to put some stuff away here and there. Spring is trying to show up as the daffodils have already bloomed and the tulips are just starting with the bushes showing signs of new growth. So with most of the stuff done and the garage sale over I can get back to sewing. I wanted to make a wall hanging for our bedroom and went out over the weekend to a fabric store that is closing and bought what I needed plus extra for 30% off. Well in two afternoons I made a 9-block wall hanging with the Fractured Crystal's pattern by Linda Ballard. I am waiting to quilt it as I need to see the fair quilt for the LWC as I liked the quilting and want to try the same on mine. I have also finished the 3rd round of the Round Robin that I talked about in the last message---of course I can't show it as I don't know if any of the ladies look at my blog!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A New Adventure

I have taken on a new adventure in my sewing as I have never done a Round Robin. Well a few weeks back one of the ladies in our sewing group brought in a panel of fabric with pictures of fabric buying/stashing and such. There were 12 different pictures on this piece and so we each picked a piece. Now some were small and other are quite large---I picked out one on the small size. We have 2 groups of 6 ladies each and we are to add to our own by April 1st as we put them in brown bags and someone in our group will do the next round---we will not see our starting center until sometime in December. We will have 3 to 4 weeks in the beginning and then up to 5 to 6 weeks as they get bigger. So what did I do to mine well I added a colorful checked fabric and those corner blocks are 1 1/2" square to match the quilt on the chair behind the lady. Each piece of the blocks is only 1/2" and the blades of the stars are paper pieced---I got up one morning at 2 AM and drew 16-1/2" blocks on paper to make them. I have added a yard minus the inch stripe to make the blocks of the pink fabric to go with the block, they will have the option to use it. Oh yeah we have to write in a journal things about the block and in each that we work on.
This will be interesting as to how they will turn out. One thing was we can't talk/discuss what we are doing to anyone in our own group----as I said there are 2 groups and I am in Group "2"---so I can talk to only those in group "1" if I need suggestions. So in Nine months we will see what I get back.